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Gennaro Vitrone

Executive Protection Specialist

Hi, my name is Gennaro Vitrone and I am the founder of GVPROTECTIONLIFE. I am an Executive Protector and Senior Security Manager, to improve the quality of the world by making good people safer, more professional and more efficient. Over the thirty years, I have gained extensive private security experience, conducting private security operations for each VIP demographic Industry and various professionals in the entertainment, sports and finance worlds. I am also the one-stop-shop security consultant for many high net worth individuals, their families, and various corporate initiatives. Over the years I have always attended military training schools, obtained the Military Skydiving patent, Israeli Instinctive Combat Shooting Method, numerous Diving patents, Protective & Evasive Driving, Medical First Aid & Defibrilator certifications, Oxygen Provider, Fire certifications; I have perfected the most effective Self Defense techniques achieving the Karate Black Belt 4* dan, Self Defense Krav Maga Instructor - Civilian - Military- Woman Self Defense - Police Operational Techniques. I educate and train Security and Executive Protection professionals for first responders and private security, where I help private security professionals take their careers to the next level. I live by the values of loyalty, wisdom and discipline.



Close Protection & Security Training

The courses is aimed at everyone, specialists in the field who intend to update themselves on the new dynamics and expand their knowledge, and those who choose to undertake this profession and intend to train in a serious, competent and professional way. The goal is to train specialists in the field, and prepare them with the knowledge that dealing with the safety of others is a commitment that requires dedication, seriousness and sacrifice. The GVPROTECTIONLIFE ACADEMY employs professional teachers in the sector, with an important background in the National and International spheres, who will follow the candidates students in their training path We believe that training especially in the field of Security and Close Protection, is of fundamental importance, so we are sure to follow the most correct company policy, informing candidates that passing the positive course requires an evaluation of at least 80%, otherwise the student will be postponed to take the course again free of charge. The students, on the other hand, who will achieve the maximum assessment, will be selected by our company for possible inclusion within our group.



- Security Management

- Executive Protection

- Tour Management

- Training

- Criminal, Private, Corporate Insurance Investigations

- Hospitality

- Luxury Car and Driver

- Night and Day Concierge

- Logistic and Luxury Rental Management

- Executive Protection Driver

- First Aid Defibrillator and Fire Prevention Operators

- Loss Prevention

- Theft Preventions

- Exclusive House


BodyGuard? Un professionista che non si improvvisa


“Qual è la differenza tra la sicurezza in teatro e di singoli personaggi che hai seguito come Ronaldo?”


“Nel caso di un accompagnamento di persone, cosidetto Close Protection, il Security Plan che si andrà a strutturare dovrà considerare infinite incognite e variabili dettate da diversi fattori. Il risk management appunto, è l'analisi del rischio globale e relativa gestione attraverso l'esame degli scenari coinvolti, della strategia di gestione e controllo del rischio, dell'identificazione e valutazione dello stesso, da quello fisico a quello strategico, l'esame dei riferimenti legislativi della security, la strutturazione della funzione della security e le sue interrelazioni interne ed esterne, la collocazione organizzativa nonché la mission.”

Articolo a cura di Silvia Arosio Articolo Completo

Question & Answer

The Security Manager is responsible for managing and supervising security operations within an organization. This role includes planning and implementing security strategies, managin Security Team, assessing risks, overseeing security investigations, and collaborating with other business functions to ensure the overall security of the organization. He is responsible for defining and implementing security policies within the organization. This includes creating SOP, guidelines, and controls to protect the company's physical and digital assets.

To be a Security Manager, you need to have solid experience in the field of security. In addition, it is important to have leadership skills, human resource management skills, knowledge of safety laws and regulations, and a good ability to analyze and solve problems. Both technical and managerial skills are required. It is important to have a solid understanding of relevant security practices, laws and regulations.

The main tasks of a Security Manager include planning and implementing security policies and SOP procedures, risk assessment and threat mitigation, emergency management, oversight of Security Team security personnel, collaboration with relevant authorities, and participation in strategic security-related decision-making processes.

A Security Manager can operate in a wide range of industries, including:

- Banking and Finance: Protecting sensitive information, managing transaction security, and preventing fraud and intrusion.

- Government Sector: Ensuring the security of government buildings, critical infrastructure and sensitive information.

- Healthcare: protecting healthcare facilities, patient data and ensuring the safety of medical personnel.

- Education sector: ensuring the safety of students, staff and school facilities.

- Energy sector: protecting critical energy infrastructure and preventing acts of sabotage or cyber attacks.

- Hospitality sector: ensuring the safety of guests, staff and properties.

- Transport sector: ensuring the safety of passengers, freight and transport infrastructure.

- Church and congregation sector: With today's diverse cultures and societies, it's more important than ever to have a principles-based framework that ensures the safety of your faithful and congregation.

- Technology sector: protecting corporate data, preventing cyberattacks, and ensuring the security of networks and IT systems.

Hiring an industry-specific Security Manager can offer a number of benefits, including:

- In-depth knowledge of industry-specific challenges and threats.

- Understanding of industry-specific regulations and requirements.

- Experience in handling industry-specific emergency situations or crises.

- Ability to identify and mitigate industry-specific risks.

- Connectivity with other stakeholders and industry professionals.

Close Protection, also known as VIP Protection, is a personalized security service that deals with ensuring the protection of high-profile individuals, such as public figures, executives or key witnesses, for every VIP demographic industry and various professionals in the world of entertainment, sports and finance.

We offer a wide range of Security and Close Protection services, including surveillance, personal protection, event security, threat management, secure transportation and more. To learn more about our services, visit our Skills page on the website.

An Executive Protector is tasked with:

- Ensure the safety and protection of the customer in all situations.

- Identify and assess potential risks to the customer.

- Plan and implement appropriate security measures, such as escorting the customer on the move or garrisoning locations.

- Constantly monitor your surroundings for any suspicious threats or behavior.

- React promptly to emergency situations or immediate threats.

- Collaborate with other people involved in customer safety, such as police officers or private security services.

Personally, after military experience, I have achieved several specializations that have accompanied me on my path, making me acquire a remarkable background in the field of Security and Close Protection. Training in Security Management after over 20 years of activity, led me to become a Senior Security Manager. I constantly participate in national and international seminars and conferences that allow me to compare myself with many professionals and their experiences and skills, acquiring new methodologies on the most up-to-date operational techniques as a solution to the threats that are constantly evolving, and on new technologies, (dynamic) systems of security countermeasures and state-of-the-art communication systems.

Close Protection services are tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Each customer has a unique risk profile and requires a customized approach. The Security Manager will carefully assess potential threats and develop a tailored protection plan that will include preventive measures, SOP standard operating procedures, and emergency response strategies.

Yes, we offer Security and Close Protection services internationally. We have a network of qualified professionals and global partners that enable us to provide security services in multiple countries around the world.

The costs of our services depend on various factors, including the duration of the service, the number of agents needed, the complexity of the operations and other specific requirements, elements that will be calculated as a result of a risk assessment study. To obtain a cost assessment, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Krav Maga is not martial art. It is the only technique recognized worldwide as the art of self-defense. The starting point is defense, there are no rules or competitions, it is not a sports modality, it does not use choreographic movements, not even beautiful The word "Krav" in Hebrew means combat, fight. "Maga" means contact. Krav Maga is very practical. It's all about striking to the weak spots of the body. Eye gouging, punching the nose, going for the chin, the throat, kicking the groin, all these weak spots. The objective is to neutralize the threat as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That's the goal. That's what Krav Maga is.

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